The proper Mitt – Which Softball Mitts Are great For Which Positions?

The main thing to think about if you head out looking for that excellent softball mitt will be the posture from the player who will be making use of it. That is vital simply because distinct positions have various jobs. And they have to have their add-ons to complete various things for them. If you are nevertheless fighting your best youth catchers mitt , and is particularly getting difficulty telling a catcher’s mitt from an infielder’s glove, the descriptions down below will definitely help.

Strictly for catchers

Quite possibly the most unique attribute of catchers’ mitts is the fact they do not have fingers. They’re also closely padded, to allow them to greater safeguard your hand through the affect in the rushing ball. Most of these mitt may also be somewhat much more sturdy and durable due to the fact they can be designed to withstand many of the motion, and in addition preserve the hand from receiving far too a great deal trauma from ball landings. The catcher’s mitt has closed webbing, and contains a more compact pocket so you’re able to quickly get the ball out.

Initial foundation only

First base mitts look much like catchers’ mitts for the reason that they don’t have fingers in addition. The sole big difference is usually that they have got fewer padding. In addition they have a very wider but shallower pocket so it truly is simpler for getting the ball from the mitt. The typical sizing is 13 to fourteen inches, and also the webbing is open so it can be a lot easier to lure the ball inside the pocket.

Pitcher excellent

Pitchers’ gloves possess a shut webbing to permit the player to maintain the softball concealed though he tunes up his grip ahead of the following pitch.


The gloves that infielders use are generally smaller sized than common and with a shallower pocket so it can be less difficult to choose the ball out and toss it for the person approaching the base. Several infielders are more snug with open up webbing, even though some third basemen will choose closed internet mitts for better guidance throughout challenging hits.


Outfielders’ gloves are typically the longest and largest styles, sometimes spanning at the least twelve inches. The dimensions is needed due to the fact the players have to be capable of capture fly balls.